A New Way to “Live Music”

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Hi friends, it’s me, Emily 😉 I hope you are well and finding joy in the Little Things

Been a busy and insane year, but I’ll try to stick to the highlights. I’ve basically put my nose to the grindstone transitioning to online music. Thank you to all who were on board for the exciting Coffee and Ukes Collaboration this spring! It was a joy working with Marina Christopher, and the album is now out into the world for all to enjoy! Download here: emilyandmarina.com and streamable on all the music platforms too! Coffee and Ukes Vol. 1

I have been building my home studio and using it for remote recording sessions, musical Zoom parties, and TWITCH!

I stream a live performance from my living room Sundays, Tuesdays and Fridays. And through Twitch, channel I’ve been enthusiastic about making new connections all over the world! It was overwhelming at first, but I encourage you to come by the channel sometime, remind me how we met, and enjoy what I’m like when left to my own devices, in a room full of instruments!! People request songs, give ideas, make jokes that make me laugh, and it’s just a good ol’ time! (Pacific time 4pmSundays, 5pmTuesdays, & 6pmFridays) http://twitch.tv/emilymcvicker (*pro tip: if you have an Amazon Prime account, you can use a Prime Subscription to my channel which will support me, and you can get exclusive monthly content I make along the way)

Thank you all for being a supporter of my music community! Here is a free download of my cover of “Cups” from the Pitch Perfect movie. Just for fun. Download and enjoy! “Cups Song” From Pitch Perfect

Wishing you all health and wellbeing. Don’t be a stranger! Keep in touch and have a wonderful Holiday Season. New EP from me coming on out, this Spring!

Warm Wishes, Emily

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