Emily McVicker

“Beyond a musician, she is a magician. Give her a looper pedal and some contraptions from beneath your kitchen sink and Emily McVicker could compose a symphony that would whisk you away or put your feet on the ground, depending on what you needed. She’s a jukebox and versatile like a Swiss Army Knife, with tools ranging from Lorde’s swells to Amy Winehouse’s bops to Stevie Wonder’s grip.”
​-Jake Uitti (Artist Home)

Emily is a talented and engaging multi-instrumentalist and singer.  Kills on stage. Cannot recommend her enough.” –Owen Miller (Supervisor of Music Prog. Development, Carnival Cruise Lines)

Emily McVicker is a rainbow you can see from far away among the grey drizzle of Seattle skies.  A soulful and dynamic performer and songwriter.  She is heavily influenced by the American Songbook and other powerful music staples such as Sam Cooke, Willie Nelson, Amy Winehouse.  With a dash of tambourine, pop culture and soul.

She has an extensive performance background from theatre, to professional voice over and BGVs in studio, performing internationally in her band with Carnival Cruise Lines, to touring and sharing original music all over Washington state and the West Coast.   She has a gift of bringing communities together and inviting you to get to know her through the music.

In her solo show, Emily combines her skills and brings you live-looping.  She records herself live, loops it, and continues to layer her instruments, beat-box, and voice to create the sound of a full band, all from one.  Plus an undeniable flare for the theatre and comedy of it all.

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