Bette, Babs and Burnett!

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Am I an actress yet?!!

When I began in show business, I wanted to be an actress and comedienne! I’ve always loved Barbra Streisand, Carol Burnett, and Bette Midler because they could tell stories and express themselves with their relatable yet specific outlook of the world.

I studied Theatre at the Conservatory of Point Park University (Pittsburgh, PA).  I love to create experiences for people!  Especially if I can bring a little bit of light to people, however I can.  I studied classical voice, but then after college, most of my gigs were doing pop music in bands.  I loved arranging the songs other singers and with a band.  After performing so much cover music, I developed a vocabulary and a style to start creating writing my own songs.  You can learn about some of my process in this great video interview my brother Nate McVicker made for me as a part of his blog – Check it out!

If you haven’t heard my album Mermaid Antidote, click here to grab it!  Keep your eyes peeled for more creations coming soon!

Thank you for being a listener and sharing the journey.


  • Tristin Rupp says:

    Your story rings pretty similar and familiar to mine and you are the real deal lady. I’m so excited to be your friend and to get to work with you in all sorts of capacities!!!

    • Emily McVicker says:

      Thanks Tristin. I’m excited to be your friend and perform more with you! You are so talented and kind and fierce. Bring on the adventure!

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