BOSS Acoustic Singer Live Demo!

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Belting it out singing “Black Horse and a Cherry Tree” at The Guitar Store in Seattle, WA


I love the Seattle Guitar Store!  I first connected to them when I bought a Groupon for 4 ukulele lessons.  It was still their old location (next door to where they are now) and the first guy I met was the famous Justin Kausal-Hayes – do you know him?  Now they’ve pimped out the whole joint, bought the space next door and expanded, added instruments, gear, private studios for lessons, and a performance space with a stage.  They’ve been recognized by Guitar World Magazine as one of the top guitar dealers in the country!  And I always go there first when I need gear.

Justin has stayed a wonderful friend and musical support in this town and I highly recommend you go hear him solo or with the band.  Also the owners as James and Andy and all the employees that are so welcoming and helpful when I need gear.  Ted, Patrick, Brian, Dave, Don, and all the other awesome musicians and supporters of the Seattle music community.  I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate them quite a bit including using them as a sponsor for an open mic I used to host (they supplied a $50 gift card to my featured artist), they’ve had me demo their gear, and produced video projects such as this one here demoing the new BOSS Acoustic Singer Live!

Special thanks to Sean Solstad for producing this video!  With the help of my brother Nate McVicker (Nate McVicker Productions) on camera 2 who frequently works with me on my videos.

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