New videos, and ALASKA!!

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ALASKA HERE I COME!!! I’m very excited to get to go to Sitka, Alaska to play music and celebrate at the famous Alaska Day Brew Fest! I collided with Mr. Hal Spackman a couple months ago from the Sitka Historical Society at Seatac Airport in the Terminal. I play music there in the terminals through […]

Happy Spring News and Music Adventures!

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Hello friends and Happy Spring! It’s been a while since I last wrote, so I have lots to share! In local Seattle news, I’m now the new host of the weekly Tuesday Night Open Mic at The Sea Monster Lounge. It’s an event to lift up the amazing local music being created here in my […]

Happy New Year – Cali Tour!

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Happy New Year!  I have some news to share that will hopefully entertain and inspire you!  I also love being able to keep in touch with all of you however distant apart we might live.  It’s just great to hold on to great music folks like you! I am hitting the road with my partner […]

Win the mini Octopus Painting at the Masquerade!

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Happy (almost) December!  Less than a week left to get tickets to the Masquerade at Conor Byrne in Ballard: 7pm, Thursday December 6th! Lots of exciting features to this multi-media Holiday show.  So come ready to make a mask, pose for some pictures, enjoy some of the new music of Octomalien (with my partner, world […]

Holiday Masquerade Ball!

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  Firstly – MASQUERADE! Thursday, 7pm December 6th we are playing for the Masquerade Holiday Ball at Conor Byrne!  There will be a mask making station so you can bedazzle and decorate your own to match you (or maybe not match you!).  There will also be a photo-booth, and music brought to you by Octomalien.  […]

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