“Coffee and Ukes Vol. 1”

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Coffee and Ukes! Emily McVicker and Marina Christopher Pre-sell Debut Album

Every Thursday now – it’s a thing! Marina Christopher and I have been doing a weekly Facebook Live stream as quarantine buddies without our normal show schedule. Marina and I have been friends for a couple years and have been able to play a few gigs together, but this is a special opportunity to collaborate and grow together as artists, creators and friends.

Projects are my best therapies. And this has given good excuse to create and reach out to the community with some good news from inside quarantine. And honestly, this project is only possible because of this unusual situation. Normally Marina and I are each separately are booked with our own shows throughout the week. Being cooped up inside together, it feels like we are growing as a fierce team and creating new expressions and interactions with people from all over the world and still growing community. I learn so much from her. I’m grateful to have her near to share music with when everyone is otherwise physically distant from us. For now.

Anyhoo… all that to say, we are in process of recording our DEBUT ALBUM together inspired by our new song collabs, and the favorites from our morning show! Thursday at 10am Coffee and Ukes.

We are pre-selling it on Kickstarter. Our maiden crowd funding adventure is exciting! How amazing to feel this support from the community and friends who like what we are doing. It is encouraging and invigorating! oh… did I mention, we are OVER HALF WAY TO OUR GOAL!!! And we are so thankful. But we can’t get slack on the promo because Kickstarter is all or nothing – we gotta get to our goal of $5k to receive the funding pledged! So pre-order the album here, and check out the tiers of perks and exclusive merch we are offering.

Stay safe and stay smart! And come say ‘Hi,’ this morning on the live stream, Coffee and Ukes!

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