“Cupid, Do You Have an… Antidote?”

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I wrote “Antidote with a few influences in mind.  I had been doing a lot of 60s soul music with my band, including some awesome Same Cooke tunes like “Cupid”

“Cupid, draw back your bow,

and let your arrow go

straight to my lover’s heart for me…”

…And at the same time, I needed to leave someone whom I loved.

I have a friend who at the time, was telling me about an actual drug that has a side-affect that was making people lose their feelings of love- at least that chemical euphoric feeling that being in love gives you.  Of course, it’s a controversial subject in science to mess with people’s feelings.  But sometimes, don’t you wish you could turn off your feelings?

That’s where I was when I wrote this song…


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