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Emily McVicker, a charming and uplifting singer-songwriter from Seattle. She brings a dynamic show of beat-box, pitch-perfect harmony, comedic moments, and sensitive heartfelt stories through her music! She’s a multi-instrumentalist with versatile and soulful vocal stylings. Her original music is funny and authentic in a way that makes you think, I can totally relate to that! You’ll be captivated by Emily’s live-looping skill as she records and builds a song in front of your very eyes. A true One-Woman-Show – You’ll love Emily! 

 “Give her a looper pedal and some contraptions from beneath your kitchen sink and Emily McVicker could compose a symphony that would whisk you away or put your feet on the ground, depending on what you needed. She’s a jukebox and versatile like a Swiss Army Knife, with tools ranging from Lorde’s swells to Amy Winehouse’s bops to Stevie Wonder’s grip.” – Artist Home (Seattle)

“Emily is a talented and engaging multi-instrumentalist and singer.  Kills on stage. Cannot recommend her enough.”  –Owen Miller (Supervisor of Music Prog. Development, Carnival Cruise Lines)

2016 Gigtown Artist of the Year

2017 Artist Home Artist to Watch

2018 Phillter International Music Festival (One Human Bands)

2018 Featured performer with Chris Rupp and the 7th Ave Band

Original Song “You Never Know” (Original song)
Original Song “Get Mean” (Original song)
“I Asked For It” (Original song)
Mermaid Antidote by Emily McVicker

Phone: 206-949-1789

Email: egmcvick@gmail.com