emily mcvicker


Emily McVicker, a charming and uplifting singer-songwriter from Seattle. She brings a dynamic show of beat-box, pitch-perfect harmony, comedic moments, and sensitive heartfelt stories through her music! She’s a multi-instrumentalist with versatile and soulful vocal stylings. Her original music is funny and authentic in a way that makes you think, I can totally relate to that! You’ll be captivated by Emily’s live-looping skill as she records and builds a song in front of your very eyes. A true One-Woman-Show – You’ll love Emily!

“Give her a looper pedal and some contraptions from beneath your kitchen sink and Emily McVicker could compose a symphony that would whisk you away or put your feet on the ground, depending on what you needed. She’s a jukebox and versatile like a Swiss Army Knife, with tools ranging from Lorde’s swells to Amy Winehouse’s bops to Stevie Wonder’s grip.” 

– Jake Uiti (Artist Home (Seattle)


“Emily is a talented and engaging multi-instrumentalist and singer. Kills on stage. Cannot recommend her enough.”

 – Owen Miller (Musical Developement Director, Carnival Cruise Lines)