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“Maybe a smile of yours could go around the world… who knows it might!”

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Photo by Danielle Barnum

“She’s a jukebox and versatile like a Swiss Army Knife, with tools ranging from Lorde’s swells to Amy Winehouse’s bops to Stevie Wonder’s grip.”  -Jake Uitti (Artist Home)
“Emily McVicker out of Seattle WA caught our attention after signing up for GigTown in July. It started with her original tune “Get Mean” which shows off her vocal range and looping ability.”  -Gigtown
“Kills on stage. Cannot recommend her enough”  -Owen Miller, Supervisor of Music Development, Carnival Cruise Lines


Emily is like a rainbow you can see from far away among the grey drizzle of Seattle skies.  A dynamic and interactive performer, she has traveled internationally sharing the joy of music and theatre and the human connection. She is heavily influenced by the American Songbook and other powerful music staples such as Sam Cooke, Joni Mitchell, Willie Nelson.  With a dash of tambourine, pop culture and soul.  Get to know Emily through the shear honesty of her music.

These songs were made to be sung to!  The melodies, the rhythms, and old fashion grooves will stick in your head and you’ll want to hear them over and over again

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