Happy New Year 2020!

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Happy New Year, Friends!! I have to say, I am the most thankful for you all and my friends that remind me who I am and make me feel important. I know it’s cool to be independent and self-reliant – I think I am those things too – but it would be nothing and definitely not as fun with out you all. And sharing music and good times with you out in the world gives me so much joy, I could burst. I have some big plans and new collaborators coming up this year and I promise I will be good keeping you in the loop. Including some new videos, new songs, and lots of fun experimenting!

Abraham and I had so much fun in Sitka, Alaska. Making videos, meeting fun people, sharing music. We are planning our next trip to come back and find the right occasion to make it happen with the Sitka Historical Society! Special thanks to Hal Spackman and all the Spackmans and Sitka-ins (sp?) we met for truly treated us like family while we were in Alaska. We loved working with the music students at Sitka High, Keet Gooshi Heen Middle, and Baranof Elementarty. And a personal highlight for me was getting to sing with the amazing Army Band who put on a great show! Abraham and I have continued to play shows back here at home, and here is a good moment from our performance at the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art

I have also been working with some new podcasters and did a series of videos with the Seattle Underground Collective. The episodes coming out soon. It’s also nice to have some new videos that show an accurate snapshot of what my live show is really like. This is a song by KT Tunstall who has been so inspiring to me and showed me how to loop! Special thanks to Jeff Gall (not only a masterful, funky drummer) who helped me produce this video and made it look and sound all nice and sparkly! More coming soon! I’ve also been busy booking house concerts. If you’d like to host one, comment below and shoot me a message! And make sure you’re keeping up on Instagram and Youtube <3 Loves!

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