Introducing… Octomalien!!

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Octomalien:  2 people, 8 limbs, and all the feels!  Chris Jordan and Emily bring an interactive and high energy show with every sound you might hear from an entire 6 piece band thanks to their savvy skills with live-looping.  Join the music!

I am very pleased to introduce the new band!  I have joined forces with my partner Chris Jordan and we are diving into making music and a whole new kind of performance together.  We met 4 years ago playing in a 6 piece band.  Combining our skills and talents, we hope to take our live shows to a whole new level!  Chris is a fabulous looper and an award winning classical pianist and funky keyboardist.  He has the whole band right at his fingertips!  The combination is magical <3

Connect to us on Instagram!  Please give us a ‘follow’

Keep up with our touring and future shows and events page here.

Here’s a song we usually use for sound check.  Its a funky Maroon 5 song that we like and gets the crowd and the loop pedals all warmed up.  Thank you for being a part of our journey and keeping up with our endeavors.  Download and enjoy!

Download our rendition of “Sunday Morning (Maroon 5 Cover by Octomalien) here!

And if you’re on a mobile device, you can listen here…


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