New videos, and ALASKA!!

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ALASKA HERE I COME!!! I’m very excited to get to go to Sitka, Alaska to play music and celebrate at the famous Alaska Day Brew Fest! I collided with Mr. Hal Spackman a couple months ago from the Sitka Historical Society at Seatac Airport in the Terminal. I play music there in the terminals through the port of Seattle and I often get to make friends and connect with new friends. Hal was very kind and enthusiastically invited me to come play this epic festival in Sitka. He also said I might see some whales and that really sealed the deal (I love whales)!! The amazing people I continue to meet on their travels make me so thankful for the opportunity to play music in there. It really makes it fun and exciting for me each time I go. After securing all the details with Hal and the festival, I invited my buddy Abraham Neuwelt, a beautiful spirit, good friend, and talented percussionist to join me – so here we go! Looking to make a splash and meet new friends in Sitka! What should we do while we’re there?? You can comment below or share this post, or DM me. I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures and new videos so in case you’d like to see what we’re going to be up to in up-close detail, make sure to find me on Instagram @EmilyMcVickerMusic and Facebook.

Photo by Nate McVicker

We’ve been going strong with Tuesdays Open Mic at Sea Monster Lounge. I am so amazed at the response and variety of talent we’ve had grace the stage. And we are also live streamed on youtube! I hope to continue to foster community, collaboration, and good will in our Seattle Scene! If you’re in Seattle, join us 7pm Tuesdays at the Sea Monster!

Speaking of collaborations, one of my bestie’s moved away last year to Arizona, but she was back in Seattle all summer playing her shows, and getting busy making videos with me! We were geeking out about the new Taylor Swift and Katy Perry music that has recently come out so we decided to put on some Pajama Jams and cover these super fun songs. And I got to play her Ubass. Check out the videos!

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