Seattle’s Premiere Live Looping Band – Octomalien

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If you’ve seen a recent show of mine, you’ve probably got a taste of live-looping.  Sometimes I play solo using a guitar, ukulele, hand percussion, and beat-box.  And sometimes I bring my duo Octomalien!  People always ask how I got stared doing it, and I was inspired when I saw other multi-instrumentalists using it, and it just happened to be a great fit of all my skills at once.  When I moved back to Seattle after cruise ship life, I needed a way to perform without a whole band.  My beat-boxing and back-up singer skills really came in handy!

I used to be the lead singer of a cover band on a Carnival cruise ship where I met Chris Jordan.  Chris was the musical director and a fabulous keyboard player and soon became my best friend onboard.  After our contract was over, we went separate ways for a while.  I came to Seattle and started working on my own show, and he was the Music Director for their touring Broadway Duke Ellington musical, “After Midnight”.  After a few years, he joined me in Seattle and we started our live-looping band.

We love being able to be a small enough show that we can play anywhere!  But we can create sounds that normally would require a 6 piece band.  Here’s a video of us showcasing some of our rep at a local joint in Mill Creek.  Check it out!

If you like that and haven’t obtained my new album Mermaid Antidote, you can download it here.

And stay tuned for upcoming Octomalien collaborations!

– Emily


  • John Enget says:

    HI, Emily!
    Nice true life experience!
    It’s amazing how you blazed a trail to where you are now. You kept at it.
    Nothing worth while is easy. Many of us want the easy path. It’s not there.

    You have earned it! I Love you voice and talent, but it is also the result of your hard work. We benefit from your efforts and bringing things together.
    You’re making history! who else could design a variety?

    Thank you!
    I wish you well!


    • Emily McVicker says:

      Aren’t you kind to write and say those things. I really appreciate the support and feedback 🙂 Working on the next thing! Stay tuned! -Em

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