The One Woman Show!

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It’s a little strange I have enjoyed being a One Woman Show!  Only because growing up, I started my musical journey performing with many types of ensembles.  My first show was an 4 person a cappella show at Hershey Park working with some Broadway/Off-Broadway a cappella people from Toxic Audio, Kinsey 6, and Voca People.  I’ve done lots of background singing in studio and for other theme park companies.  And I’ve been a lead singer for party/dance bands.  I have tried to learn from everyone I’ve had the pleasure of working with and they have made me better and self- sufficient.  Is that poetic? Or maybe ironic?  My network has given me independence!  It sounds backwards, but it’s true.  And especially true doing independent music like I have been in recent years.

If you’ve seen my show, you’ve probably got a taste of live-looping with guitar, ukulele, hand percussion, and beat-box.   I was inspired watching KT Tunstall one time on the Rolling Stone channel, and I’ve had great opportunities arranging vocal parts. It was a great fit for my quirky skills to be combined all at once.  I needed a way to perform more intimate shows and not necessarily with a band, while still using dynamic texture and rhythm.  It’s an adventure.  And I’ve had the best unique interactions meeting people and performing this way.  Sharing my music and my process in an inclusive way.  Here’s one of my favorite early videos I released closer to when the Pitch Perfect sequels started coming out.  A cappella nerd… remember?

And my original tune “Antidote” that I submitted for NPR’s Tiny Desk:

I have been lucky more recently to collaborate with friends and I have many more videos to share with you!  And more to make of course.  I now believe my role, along with being a musician and creator, is also creating quality community and a positive message.  I believe in inclusivity, local artists, generosity, grace, and uplifting your friends.  More on that later.

As a prize for clicking on this blog, here’s a free download! (it’s a zip file, you just need to ‘unzip’ it)

“Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree”

And stay tuned for upcoming collaborations!

– Emily

P.S.  If you like that and haven’t obtained my new album Mermaid Antidote, you can download it here.


  • John Enget says:

    HI, Emily!
    Nice true life experience!
    It’s amazing how you blazed a trail to where you are now. You kept at it.
    Nothing worth while is easy. Many of us want the easy path. It’s not there.

    You have earned it! I Love you voice and talent, but it is also the result of your hard work. We benefit from your efforts and bringing things together.
    You’re making history! who else could design a variety?

    Thank you!
    I wish you well!


    • Emily McVicker says:

      Aren’t you kind to write and say those things. I really appreciate the support and feedback 🙂 Working on the next thing! Stay tuned! -Em

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