“Get Mean” LIVE at Parliament Tavern

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Parliament Tavern, one of my favorite music venues in West Seattle.  Did you know that a “parliament” is what you would call a group of owls?  … I just learned that!  The staff is kind, good variety of beer on tap, and they take good care of me and any bandmates I bring along.  Check […]

“Why Don’t You Come on Over, Valerie”

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If you’ve seen any videos of mine that are especially impressive, they were probably made by my brother, Nate McVicker.  It’s pretty lucky I have a brother that is so savvy with a green screen and video production!  He does video professionally and private contracts to local artists – like me!  Check out what he […]

6 False Beliefs That Can Turn a Good Musician, Bad.

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6 False Beliefs That Can Turn a Good Musicians, Bad. FALSE BELIEF #1 – If you do music for money, you have no passion or soul.  People only respect artists untainted of greed for money. Selling out.  A wiseman on top of a mountain once said, “the only people that shame a ‘sell out’ are […]

BOSS Acoustic Singer Live Demo!

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  I love the Seattle Guitar Store!  I first connected to them when I bought a Groupon for 4 ukulele lessons.  It was still their old location (next door to where they are now) and the first guy I met was the famous Justin Kausal-Hayes – do you know him?  Now they’ve pimped out the […]

Seattle’s Premiere Live Looping Band – Octomalien

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If you’ve seen a recent show of mine, you’ve probably got a taste of live-looping.  Sometimes I play solo using a guitar, ukulele, hand percussion, and beat-box.  And sometimes I bring my duo Octomalien!  People always ask how I got stared doing it, and I was inspired when I saw other multi-instrumentalists using it, and […]

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