Rhody Mixtape, Live-looping fest, and Endless Love

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hello friends,

Lots of travels, and new content to show you from all over the US this week!!  Rhode Island, Pittsburgh, and Minnesota.  It’s been a busy month gearing up for the album release in August and having a ton of fun traveling the country and sharing music!

I am currently in the beautiful Rhode Island where I’ll be performing this coming saturday at George’s of Galilee.  Local musician and podcast producer, Brad Thibodeaux was so kind to reach out and have me on his podcast!  We seemed to hit it off right away and I think you can hear it in our interview.  We were at Auburn Recording Studios and inside was decked out with different instruments everywhere – an oasis for any multi-instrumentalist!  We talked musical connections, my new album, live-looping and some of my history that brought me where I am today.  He also helped me promote my show here in Rhode Island this coming Saturday, June 16th at George’s of Galilee.  Check out the facebook event and details here.  And listen to he full podcast interview here…

Rhody Mixtape Podcast feat. EmilyMcVicker


Also earlier this month, I participated in the PHILLTER MUSIC International Live-Looping Festival in Pittsburgh.  I met so many loopers from all over the world!  The performers all stayed together in a big Airbnb house and it felt like that one time at band camp.  So many creative ways each person designed their show for their own particular skills.  Some of my favorite acts were Jean-Paul De Roover from Canada who did great acoustic guitar sounds and vocal harmonies I could appreciate, Midi Pipe from Mexico City who used amazing keyboard and DJ sounds, Dixie Duncan had the most creative acoustic sounds and feelings in his show I couldn’t tear my eyes away!  It was also nice to connect with my new friend and wonder-twin DJ Nebraska (aka Jessie Davis) from NYC who was my roommate and quickly became good buddy.  And she’s even coming to Seattle in a few weeks!  Thanks to the amazing talents and coordination of my long time family friend Mike Why, it was a huge success and a lot of fun!  I have pictures up on my facebook page 🙂


and…. NEW VIDEO!!!

“Endless Love” with the endlessly talented Adam Bastien, produced by The 7th Ave Band!  Adam and I became fast friends and had so much fun singing and laughing together this whole week.  He is a fabulous talent and and inspiring human being.  I’m so glad to have met him!!   The 7th Ave band is funded by their subscribers on Patreon.  Thank you subscribers and Chris and Tristin Rupp for having me on!!!

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